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Credentials: Data Loader

Once this position is posted, we will share the link. If you are interested and would like more information, please contact us at BEFORE you apply. A brief summary is provided below:

Can you bring order to chaos? Do you love working with data and spreadsheets? Do you want to work on a campus-wide project? Do you want to learn about chemical safety and compliance? Do you want a role that may change over time? Is research or data science an area you are interested in? If so, send us your details and tell us about yourself. We provide UW employee benefits as well as a generous leave package. Come join the ChemManager+ project team on its mission to help improve safety for the research community at UW-Madison. Apply today!

Job Summary:

The ChemManager+ project is a multiyear initiative to improve safety and compliance at UW-Madison. As a member of the inventory team for the ChemManager+ project, you will play an essential role in ensuring that the data collected from our research and teaching labs is accurate and clean in preparation for upload into the ChemManager+ platform. There are over 1000 labs at UW-Madison and more than 1 million chemical containers to barcode and upload. Our inventory team is out there barcoding and gathering data – you are the final check on accuracy before the data is made into an inventory. You understand that accuracy and integrity are key as errors will have an outsized impact on the project team’s reputation. You can follow procedures – and suggest new ones – on correct data entry methods as well as enter data, raise issues, and follow our data entry requirements. Strong verbal, writing and interpersonal skills are a plus. You will gain experience in chemical and environmental regulatory compliance, inventory system management, UW system processes, and data management. Above all, we want you to grow and learn with us as a member of the project team.

To be a successful candidate, you will need to demonstrate a successful track record in data entry tasks and customer service.

The anticipated project end date is December 2024; this end date may be extended but will not exceed 2 years in duration. We will provide help, guidance, and support for whatever role you want to tackle next.