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Credentials: Inventory Team Manager

Once this position is posted, we will share the link. If you are interested and would like more information, please contact us at BEFORE you apply. A brief summary is provided below:

Looking to rise with a challenge? Use your talent and passion to help improve safety for the research community at UW-Madison. The ChemManager+ project is looking for a talented administrative manager to manage and schedule up to 20 team members for the duration of the project. As a member of our friendly, supportive, and dynamic project team, you will use a variety of platforms to interpret the needs of the project and place team members in the most efficient configuration so that we stay on schedule and on budget.

Job Summary:

The ChemManager+ project is a multiyear initiative to improve safety and compliance at UW-Madison. As the Inventory Team Manager, you will sit at the very center of a web of data that you will need to interpret and decipher in order to deploy your team members in the best and most efficient way possible.

The ChemManager+ project aims to record and upload the existing chemical stocks that are stored in our research and teaching labs. There are over 1000 labs at UW-Madison and more than 1 million chemical containers to barcode and upload. You will look at the characteristics of each lab and then adroitly balance your team’s availability to ensure that inventory is barcoded accurately and on schedule. You will also be able to motivate and lead your team members as they carry out their key tasks. You can follow, develop, and improve project workflows as well as enter data, raise issues, and be an effective and collaborative member of the core project team. You will grow and learn with us as a member of the project team.

A typical day will include:

  • Arrive on time for a daily briefing with inventory team members
  • Provide site assignments and work orders for team members to follow
  • Analyze lab reports and develop a schedule of work
  • Process team member timesheets
  • Prepare supplies and work assignments for team members
  • Debrief the inventory team and collect data on progress

To be a successful candidate, you will need to demonstrate a track record in scheduling, hiring, managing, and motivating a team, and general administrative work.

The anticipated project end date is December 2024; this end date may be extended but will not exceed 2 years in duration. We will provide help, guidance, and support for whatever role you want to tackle next.